Engadine Consolidated Schools

Educational Foundation for Excellence

You are invited –

To make a difference in the Engadine Consolidated Schools. Your support of the Engadine Consolidated Schools Foundation for Educational Excellence will help to build the bridge between potential and achievement.


With your help –

We can build a foundation for the future in Engadine Consolidated Schools which will:  

  • Enhance the environment of personal and academic excellence.
  • Encourage teachers to explore ways of expanding their students’ worlds of learning. 
  • Provide a vital link between the community and the classroom.
  • Make a significant difference between what is and what can be. 

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Why a foundation?

The foundation was established by the Engadine Consolidated Schools Board of Education in July 2000.

It is a nonprofit organization created for the sole purpose of raising and allocating funds for educational projects which are above and beyond those included in the Engadine Consolidated School District’s operating budget.

Contributions are placed in a special account administered by the Foundation’s board of trustees.

The foundation’s ability to provide funds comes from various fundraising activities. Likewise, the alumni of the school, friends, and many others are saluted for contributions.

Together, we can help to ensure an environment of excellence in the Engadine Consolidated Schools.