W13920 Melville St. Engadine, MI 49827

Next Meeting – Thursday, February 3, 2022, 6:00 PM 
              Art Room 121 – Engadine Consolidated Schools 


Approved Minutes 


Are you interested in the Education Foundation?  Wanting to help? 
We welcome you to attend our next meeting!  


Our Current Trustees are: 

  • Tanner Flatt, President
  • Rae Klobucher, Vice President
  • Julie Wiegand, Treasurer
  • Amy Ferchak-Petrie, Secretary
  • Mike Meier
  • Beau Vallier
  • Andrew Alvesteffer, Superintendent of ECS (ex-officio)
  • Daryl Schroeder, President of ECS BOE (ex-officio)

Thank you, Richard Pershinske

Richard Pershinske has recently resigned from the ECS- Education Foundation for Excellence.  

He served as a trustee as well as President of the Foundation for many years.  We extend our sincere thanks and appreciation for his service to the organization.  Due to his involvement, the Education Foundation will continue to provide benefits to the students of Engadine Consolidated Schools for generations to come.  


Mr. Pershinske is pictured left with scholarship recipient Olivia Vaughn  at the Academic Banquet in 2017.